Are there any benefits of playing card games

Most people answer the question Why are you playing cards?

Game? “Says it is for entertainment. Playing card games brings a lot

Benefits that you may not imagine.

When it comes to card games, we just think they are for entertainment.

There are many emotional and mental benefits when playing card games

Most players don’t know.

They are good for mental health

A number of studies have been done in recent years, studying the advantages

Play card games to mental health. University of Wisconsin-

Madison was working on a study. Research results show that playing cards

The game helps people bring about mental health and helps older people maintain morale

sharp. Its research and extraordinary results have been reported in Alzheimer’s,

UK Research 2014.

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90+ Research has been done since 1981 on retirement communities in one

California village. To date, there are more than 14,000

study participants. This study revealed that by playing

Playing cards regularly, the risk of dementia will be significantly lower.

Research by the New England Journal of Medicine also shows similar results regarding

Alleviate dementia for people playing card games as a recreational activity.

Personal development

We live and always learn new things and this is personal growth

The skill we must have to become a better person. When playing card games, give

For example, poker, you can learn the rules in a short amount of time; However, to

To be the winner, you must observe, be patient, and plan your strategy. Have

Certainly, such games provide an opportunity to develop strategies and grow

skills while you still have time for entertainment. You may find something

better than that?

Math skills and logical thinking

When playing card games, we can develop fast thinking, mental arithmetic,

and logical thinking. We all know that these skills are important in our lives,

But we don’t deploy them much. Instead of relying on conjectures, you use

Your brain more, thinking about the cards that others are holding. This way,

You challenge your mind and improve your emotional and mental health.

Increase concentration, patience and discipline

Do you know why time always goes fast whenever you play cards?

Game? This is because you are focusing on the game. All card games

requires high concentration of players, so you can learn about self-control like

as well as avoiding rash decisions to become winners.

In addition, you must consider every option to see if it could be yours

advantage or whether it can help you become a winner in the game. Friend

Information gathering, observation, waiting for the right time and implementation

right decision. In the process, you will learn about patience – a quality

that not many people can afford.

You will learn that losing is okay

Certainly, no one likes the feeling of being a loser and being kicked out

game. The fact is that no matter how good you are, sometimes you will lose. From

Losing in card games, you will learn that you lose in a match and

The most important thing is that you must go ahead and avoid the same thing

mistake. Card game players don’t give up too easily because they learn how

turn their mistakes and losses into their long-term advantages – that they are

Can be used not only in such card games but also in their real life.

Increase memorization


Playing card games is a great way to boost short-term memory. if you

It’s getting boring with memory-boosting apps, card games can bring better things

Choose because you can practice memory skills while having fun.

It is good for your social life

Most card games involve more than one player and this is good for social life.

You may know about the need for social participation with people and

know about the risks that can occur to those who are keeping social distance.

According to a study done by Oxford econom, people ate alone

It seems unhappy. So many people like to play card games

because they involve interacting with real people.

Most people say they love card games because they are fun. Others, on

On the other hand, like the feeling of competing to become the winner in every card

game. What’s more, card games can benefit your brain and its

Works in ways you may not know.



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